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Rift 1.7 to introduce PvP changes

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Rift update 1.7

Rift developers have posted PvP related information for the Rift 1.7 update. Players will find Prestige Rank Overhaul, new Attunement Path of War and new items as well as Bolstering and the Mercenary system.




Rift 1.7 update will have a series of changes related to PvP action. According to the latest post on official site, Trion has been working on mostly the PvP side of the game for update 1.7

The first major change is the overhauled Prestige Ranks. From the old rank system of 8 ranks, Trion extended it to 40. Some players might be wondering how this will affect their current ranks, however update 1.7 will automatically convert the old rank to the new one. 

The second feature is the new Attunement Path of War. Working exactly like the current Planar Attunement Paths, the new path of war will have more rewards for players.

There are several item improvement coming with Update 1.7. All level 45+'s will receive an upgrade in stats. With Bolstering added to the game, the lowest of 3 sets will be retired once another set is introduced.

Vengeance is added to the PvP set gear.


simply pumps up your stats to the minimum recommended for PvP. In the event one of your stats is higher than the bolstered value already then it uses that instead

The Mercenary System

system seeks to slash queue times by queuing some players and groups as mercenaries – this designates you as a team mate of the opposite faction as a sword for hire, you’ll receive a Mercenary buff and on-screen callout.


Source: Rift Community pages 

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