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Scarlet Blade Enters Closed Beta

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Scarlet Blade enters closed betaAeria Games is getting to ready to launch the Closed Beta stage of its upcoming mature MMORPG "Scarlet Blade". The publisher calls this new MMO its biggest MMO project to date. Scarlet Blade takes place in a time where planet Earth was invaded by Narak who forced the humans to retreat underground. Players will be taking control of an army of Arkanas, genetically engineered warrior women. Contine reading for a bunch of screenshots and details of the CBT.


Scarlet Blade : Arkanas ready for CBT

Scarlet Blade may not be such an original name for an MMO title but it seems to have a decent story and a dedicated team of developers, on top of a publisher that believes the title strongly. Aeria's upcoming MMORPG, is set in the future where planet Earth is invaded by Narak who forced the human race go underground and hide for survival. Humans built Arkana's,  genetically engineered female warriors stronger than humans and who can survive the surface conditions of the planet. 

Nudity in Scarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade's characters on battlefield

Scarlet Blade has just completed its Alpha testing and developers are ready to kick off the Closed Beta. In CBT, players will guide their army of chosen Arkana and battle in dungeons. The game features unique locales such as the temple stronggold of Batrachian (see the frog like screenshot below) race: the Drasilmarsh.

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Another location is the Derelict Tunnel, an abandoned mine and hideout of the Buzzard drug cartel. The Bitterstone Core dungeon will put players' skills to test, where the traitors in the Shadow Army conduct secret experiments to support the Narak. So it's not only a battle against the Narak, it's also a battle against those who betrayed the human race.

JT Nguyen, Chief Operating Officer, Aeria Games. said “Through its polished gameplay, huge PvP battles, and eye-catching visuals, Scarlet Blade has garnered one of the largest followings of any MMO that we’ve ever had the privilege to publish. We’re very excited and confident that it will be a strong flagship title for many years to come.”

Aeria really seems to be counting on the success of this upcoming mature MMORPG and it's going to be really interesting to see the latest version during Closed Beta. And as you can imagine, like almost with every MMO, Scarlet Blade offers Founder’s Packs for players who would like a package of exclusive mounts and other items. Founder's Pack also contains a couple of physical items for the fans of Scarlet Blade.

Visit Scarlet Blade website here->> [requires age verification, MMORPG for adults

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