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Sci-Fi MMO Star Conflict Now Available On Steam

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Star ConflictThe action Sci-Fi MMO game Star Conflict was released on Steam last week. The free to play MMO gives players the chance to take command of their own battleships and take on one of the strategic missions in game, including investigation, hunting or political missions. There are varied battleships available in game with special abilities, weapons and skills to gain through experience. If you buy the game now, you can also get the DLC's with discount. Read on for screenshots and details of this new Sci-Fi title.


Star Conflict is now available on Steam

The free to play new Sci-Fi MMO game Star Conflict has just been released and it looks to be a very promising MMO. The game and its DLC packs are now available for download and purchase on Steam. Three thousand years have passed since the first colonists left planet Earth and the militant star empires and independent mercenary groups are at war.

Sector 1337 is also called the area of the dead. The ruins of a great civilization have surfaced. It's common to see the fragments of ships and factories. Every single structure on the planet has been destroyed and no life form has been left behind.

This still doesn't mean there is no room for conflict and battles. Mercenaries are after the artifacts left on the planet and they are ready to do anything to loot what ever is let behind....

Star Conflict screenshot 1

If any part of this storyline is appealing to you, you might want to check out Star Conflict on Steam. You can also visit Star Conflict official website for more on Star Conflict.

Inquisitor Artwork

Star Conflict Inquisitor

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