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Secrets of Dragon's Spine Updates for Age of Conan revealed

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Secrets of Dragon's Spine
If you are waiting for Funcom's new update for The Secret World, you have to wait a little bit longer but the devleoper just announced a series of upcoming updates for its fantasy MMO Age of Conan. The new content update is named "Secrets of Dragon's Spine" and it features all new Hyborian experiences in the new desert region Dragon's Spine. This new update will come in pieces by the end of the year. Continue reading for more details and the first set of artwork.


Dragon's Spine updates

Age of Conan - Secrets of Dragon's Spine Updates

Hyborian adventures is just going to get better with a series of new updates from Funcom for Age of Conan. We say "updates" because Funcom will deliver the content in pieces over the next few months. (hopefully by the end of the year). 

Secrets of Dragon's Spine features the new desert region Dragon's Spine and all the new quests, monsters and dungeons in this new area. As players discover the desert region Dragon's Spine, they will discover the Palace of Cetriss the only human-made building. As you can guess, there has been other civilizations in this desert area and that ensures many secrets too. The new content is for higher level players (level 80) and it will introduce players to a new raid area, a new PvP area, as well as new items, rewards and new dungeons; "The Coils of Ubah Kan", "The Sepulchral of the Wyrm" and "The Slithering Chao".

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Craig Morrison, Creative Director at Funcom talked about the Dragon's Spine update and said: “With the ‘Secrets of Dragon’s Spine’ update we are moving into an incredibly exciting part of Robert E. Howard’s work, and I think both ‘Age of Conan’ players and fans of Howard’s work alike will find a lot to enjoy once they get to explore this new content.”

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