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See Warsteeds in the new LotRO Video

in Lord of the Rings Online

In the new developer diary video released by Turbine today, Lord of the Rings Online developers showcase the Warsteeds in Riders of Rohan. As you might know from our previous posts on Warsteeds, these are the new combat mounts in LotRO. Designers have really taken their time before sketching the new combat horses for the upcoming expansion. Read on to see it all in the video and in the new set of screen-shots.



Lord of the Rings Online's Warsteeds are showcased in new video

Riders of Rohan expansion brings the mounted combat. With mounted combat comes the Warbands and Warsteeds. While the Warbands are the strongest enemies players will face in Rohan, Warsteeds are the units they will be using in mounted combat.

Warsteeds look a lot different from regular horses.

There has always been horses in LotRO. As the designers had the task of creating new horse designs for mounted combat, they knew they'd have to create something that looked different than regular mounts. The horses that players will be riding on to the battles will surely look much different from regular horses. They will have flowing feathering that you will notice when you are riding them at maximum speed. They will be more muscular. They will also be very customizable. Piece by piece, players will be able to customize the horses, such as adding leg protection to these horses.

Warsteeds can be customized by players

They will also have their own Trait Trees and players will be able to use the gained-points in the Trait Trees. These will affect how sharp Warsteeds can turn, how fast they are and things like their ability to evade attacks in battle.

Find out more on Warsteeds in Riders of Rohan in this new developer diary video:

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