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Shaiya's New Expansion Trinity Artifact Launches

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Shaiya Trinity Artifact

Shaiya's long awaited content update, as known as players by the name: "Episode 6"; The Trintiy Artifact increases the level cap to level 80 giving players the opportunity to level and strengthen themselves before they take on Mystra's new monster species which are the result of Risen experiments. The expansion also adds new zones and challenging dungeons. Continue reading for all the details on Trinity Artifact as well as the latest screen-shots.



Shaiya - Trinity Artifact expansion to add new zones and increase the level cap

Shaiya's new expansion Episode 6: Trinity Artifact is being released adding new zones, increasing the level cap to level 80 along with a host of new features and new content.

Level cap increase to 80 means players will have to level up and strengthen themselves before taking the new challenges in the new dungeons and face the new monsters, the result of wicked experiments...


The Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury have expanded their war to the islands of Mystra, as they try to find the fabled Trinity Artifacts but this won't be easy as they will have to beat Mystra's new experimental monster species in the new and challenging dungeons.


For the fans of Shaiya’s PvP action, the new expansion also introduce powerful new skills and gear sets.

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