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Soldier Front 2: Alien Modes

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soldier front 2 hero modeAeria Games revealed new screenshots and information for its upcoming free to play MMOFPS game "Soldier Front 2". The shooter is tactical based but it will also have a series of game modes featuring aliens, aiming to entertain the fans of shooter games with variety. One of these interesting game modes in Soldier Front 2 is the MOBA-style war mode called the Hero Mode. Hero Mode gives players the chance to spawn alien troops called Xanthids to defeat enemy troops and  capture their base. Xanthids will be featured in other games modes as well. Continue for latest screens and the Warzone trailer.


Soldier Front 2: MOBA-like Hero mode revealed

I don't know how MOBA and MMOFPS comes together but we're set to find out soon enough. We'll take a look at Soldier Front 2, come next week's press Beta. According to Aeria Games, the free to play shooter is going to offer MMOFPS fans a wide variety of game modes that we don't get to see in many FPS games today. The word "Unique Feature" is something I am always skeptical about, especially when it comes to f2p titles but Soldier Front 2 seems to have some really interesting game modes with Aliens involved.

Soldier Front 2

The game is made to be a realistic tactical shooter but developers added some interesting game modes to the f2p title. One of these modes is the Hero Mode that is the MOBA-style game mode, allowing two teams battle each other with continuously spawning alien troops. These aliens are called Xanthids and players will need to be super sharp to destroy all enemy troops and capture the enemy base.

Soldier Front 2 - Xanthids

Xanthids won't be showing up in the Hero Mode only as they are taking role in two more game modes. Those two game modes won't be available at launch but developers are working on them. Co-Op defense mode is going to feature four player co-op challenges against aliens that invade the metropolis. Meanwhile, the manhunt mode will let players transform into aliens and fight a group of soldiers. 

Soldier Front 2 has aliens

For more on Soldier Front 2, follow us next week from Wednesday as we will be covering this game thoroughly..

Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2 screenshot

Source: Soldier Front 2 website


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