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Solstice Arena : Mobile MOBA by Zynga

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solstice arena logoHave you been wondering when Zynga would release a mobile MMO for iPhone and iPad? Well, this is the time, actually they have just announced a mobile MOBA game. Yes that's right, we are going to be playing MOBAs if our phone batteries can handle it. That's my first doubt about a MOBA game on a mobile phone/ipad. If we can leave aside the doubt, let's take a look at the first trailer of Solstice Arena.


Solstice Arena - Mobile MOBA

Are we getting closer to the days we play MOBAs on our mobiles? I don't know about you but I am not going to play a mobile MOBA. That's me. To be honest, I never expected a mobile MOBA from Zynga or another publisher but here it is. A 3vs3 free to play MOBA for iPad/iPhones.

Today, Zynga announced the first fruit from its new acquiring; A Bit Luck games. A Bit Lucky games is about to deliver its first game for Zynga and us MOBA fans. If MOBA is everything to you and if you don't want to go our without a MOBA, this is going to please you, otherwise, I don't know who is going to play a MOBA game, that's always demanding and very competitive. (and too competitive for a mobile game). 

Here is the first teaser trailer of Solstice Arena. It's really worth watching to see how mobile can handle a full featured MOBA (it's 3vs3 and limited to 10 minutes but we're talking mobile).

Features of Solstice Arena:

Combat Variety: Solstice Arena is all about action-packed Hero vs. Hero combat -- three on three -- that takes place in maps that encourage both objectives and tactical decision-making. Three game modes: Solo vs. A.I., Co-op vs. A.I. and Player vs. Player (notice no minions). And all modes use our special matchmaking and queue system...

Speed MOBA: On average, each play session lasts 10 minutes or less. 

Hero Progression: As Heroes play, they earn experience that unlocks ability upgrades, and the option to pursue one of three different ability upgrade paths. Upgrading a Hero enhances base attributes and grants new combat mechanics, giving an ever-evolving spin on gameplay and strategy.

Market and Customization: Solstice Arena is free to play and fair to play. (so says the developer.)

see the official site here.


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