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Star Trek Online: Andorian Escort Screenshots

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Andorian EscortsStar Trek Online has got new player starships. If you remember from last week's Star Trek Online New Starships Spotlight video, PWE has introduced the new Dominion ships and Andorian Escort ships. Today, we have the screenshots of the Androrian Escort ships; Charal Class, Khyzon Class, and Kumari Class as well as the Andorian bridge. Andorian Escorts are best if you are looking for serious firepower. Continue reading to see all three classes of the Andorian ships.


Andorian Escort Starships

Andorian Escort Starships offer great firepower. The Kumari class sports five forward weapon slots. The Phaser Dispersal Array console is the Kumari class standard. Second Andorian Escort class: Charal offers a balance between defensive strength and offensive firepower. It's like an all-round great Andorian Escort, possibly for those looking for a well balanced ship. And the third class: the Khyzon is strong in science deparment, although it's decent with its offensive firepower too. Lieutenant Science bridge officer slot is Khyzon's additional slot when it's compared to the other two classes. We will be taking a deeper look at each of these classes next Sunday but you can go ahead and find them in STO's C-Store right now. Good luck finding your ideal ship. (Click on images to enlarge) 

Andorian Escort Screenshots 1

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Andorian Escort Screenshots 1

Andorian Escort Screenshots 3

Andorian Escort Screenshots 1

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