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Star Trek Online Holiday Event Is Now Live

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Star Trek Online Winter Events and Free StarshipRemember our report on Star Trek Online's Winter Wonderland event? Well, it's now live. It's been live for a few days actually. You still got time as the event will be ongoing for another month. All you need to do is to go find the events hidden by Q. There are animated snowmen out there showing you the way to events. Make sure you pick up some snowballs on your way! Read on for the list of rewards.


Star Trek Online Winter Wonderland is here with special rewards

Star Trek Online's Q has launched the Winter Wonderland with special events and special rewards. If you follow the snowmen who show you the path to events, you will be entering snowball fights against Q's snow beasts. When you complete these events, you will find collectibles. 

Star Trek Online collectibles

These collectibles are: 

Andorian Sleigh Bells
Bajoran Gratitude Beads
Terran Holiday Ornaments
Bolian Candles
Targ Fur Earmuffs
Vulcan Meditation Incense

Another way to acquire these collectibles is by purchasing a Holiday Collectible Bundle from the Lobi Crystal Consortium, but where is the fun in that!

So what do you do with these collectibles? When you have some collectibles, go visit the Holiday Vendor and redeem one of the prizes.

Holiday Foods, Winter Tribble, Unmelting Snowballs, Frosted Boots, Holiday Scarves, Winter Jacket, Snowball Weaponry, Nanopulse Lirpa, Snowman Pet.

Snowman pet? That's interesting, isn't it? Snowman pet is one of Q’s contrivances; a small device that assembles a snowman that accompanies you whereever you go. Shame, it will part when the Winter Event is over. 

Star Trek Online Winter prizes

The Holiday Collectibles will be used in a new Starbase Project too. When players complete it, they will get a special Breen Ship ornament in their Starbase interior. Aside from the Collectibles and Epohh Tags, players may be able to get both through piles of Snowballs in Q’s Winter Wonderland.(more snowball fights!) A special terminal in the gazebo will wait for players where they can trade items or exchange them for small amounts of Gold-Pressed Latinum. 


So isn't there a Grand Prize of the Winter Event? Sure there is. A new Starship will be there for players to lay their hands on. Several Breen Chel Grett Warships will be up for grabs. So how do you get it? Each day Q will reward you with 40 Autographed 8×10 Glossy Pictures of Q. If you can participate in events 25 times by the end of Winter Wonderland, you will have a free Starship! I wouldn't waste another day if I were looking to get that Starship. Good luck!


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