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Star Trek Online: Improve Your Skills At PvP Boot Camp

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Star Trek Online PvP BootcampPvP can be extremely frustrating if you are new to it. Before you know what's around you, you end up dead. It doesn't matter which MMO game you are playing, it is common (for the rookie). Wise players go look for knowledge on fan sites or official message boards or they visit sites like us for expert tips. It's not that easy to get help everytime. Star Trek Online's developers have come up with a fantastic solution. Starting at the end of this month, PvP boot camp will begin as expert players will try to teach beginners in a safe PvP environment. Continue reading for details.


Rookies go to PvP Boot Camp in Star Trek Online

This isn't one of those interactive tutorials which are usually not really helpful unless you are learning the basics like using a keyboard and mouse. Otherwise tutorials are boring and never teach you much. Star Trek Online's developers must have been trying to find a better solution to problems related to lack of experience.

In today's developer diary post, PvP boot camp project leader Sargon has given us the details of this fantastic project. The question was "How can we help inexperienced players with PvP before they run of patience and give it up?". The answer was "PvP Boot Camp" where experienced players will hold a monthly event to coach inexperienced players and take their skills to a whole new level. 

PvP Bootcamp - Star Trek Online

PvP Bootcamp will coach inexperienced players

There will be helpful reading guides, sparring, skills-based education, in-depth knowledge about ship and character builds at PvP Boot Camp.

So when does this start? PvP Boot Camp is a monthly event that will be held on Saturdays and it's going to last 1.5 hours. Each rookie will be placed into small groups of roughly 8 students and a head coach or an assistant coach will help them become a better PvP player.


Star Trek Online

Ready to play now? Click the image!

PvP Boot Camp will initially focus on space PvP and there will two sessions, one for North American and one for European players. Tune in on Saturday, December 29th, 2012 if you need some guidance with PvP in Star Trek Online. There will be two sessions; one at 8pm/2000 Eastern Standard Time and the other at 8pm/2000 Central European Time.

Source: STO blog

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