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Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus screens and trailer

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Legacy of Romulus logoEarlier this month, Cryptic published a teaser page and had hinted on a new Star Trek Online expansion that looked like it was related to Romulans. And it turns out it was really related to Romulans. Today they announced the release date of the new expansion "Legacy of Romulus". The expansion will be released on May 21st. While it's still about two months away, Cryptic and Perfect World have published the teaser site along with a set of new screenshots and a teaser trailer as a surprise to us all fans of the Sci-Fi MMO. 


Star Trek Onine's upcoming expansion: Legacy of Romulus unveiled

Romulus and Remus are gone. Being one of the survivors, you will be fighting to survive in the aftermath of the ultimate destruction. Tal Shiar crack down on any dissent and mysterious beings threaten all your colony worlds. You will be the one to reshape the Romulan empire and gather allies... You are the Legacy of Romulus.

Legacy of romulus logo

New Features of Legacy of Romulus expansion

  • Play as a Romulan or Reman (how long did we really wait for this!)
  • New Warbird class starships will be available.
  • Start as any faction.
  • Empress Sela returns.
  • New mission: The Silent Enemy.
  • Fight the Tholians for extra rewards!
  • Customize and re-arrange your traits. Unlock new abilities...
  • Customizable and improved UI.

This is how Cryptic gets us all motivated and excited for the upcoming Legacy of Romulus expansion. Sit back and watch this announcement trailer and take a look at first set of screenshots showing us the new features. We will find out more on Legacy of Romulus expansion in the coming weeks. Mark your calendars: May 21, 2013!

Legacy of Romulus Trailer

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