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SWTOR: Cha Cha Galaxy

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swtor april fools day mountAre you enjoying April Fools' Day jokes? While Guild Wars 2 has definitely stolen the show today, take a look at what Bioware has planned for today too. Star Wars The Old Republic's upcoming Rise of the Hutt Cartel, excuse me, Dance of the Hutts update will offer you the chance to cha cha your way to greatness, unless you were ready for April Fools' day. Continue reading for one of the best jokes of the day. They've got a special mount too! Adorable but always hungry.


April Fools' Day in The Old Republic

It's a Galaxy wide event! April Fools' Day continues in Star Wars The Old Republic as Bioware has created this new update notes as well as the reveal of today's special mount; Huttese Transporter. Go practice your dance moves and purchase the new mount. This mount doesn't come cheap. Adorable but always hungry, he has to ensure he is fed and full at all times. Spare 5% of all your Caretl Coin purchases as a tax! It all gets weirder as Bioware invites you to talk and flirt with the Huttese Transporter. The deal is simple. Make her happy and she will give up on the 5% tax.

SWTOR April Fools Day mount

April Fools' Day special mount: Huttese Transporter

The new PvP Area the Tobotto's Shakedown is the area for you and your dance partners to use the new class combat moves "Sith Mosh" or the "Jedi Boogaloo", or the finishing move "Woma Stomp". For more details visit Dance of the Hutts page. We don't need to remind you again, do we? Enjoy!

SWTOR April Fools' Day

SWTOR: Cha cha your way!



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