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TERA: Rising Is Live

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TERA Rising the f2p TERATERA: Rising is the free to play title of En Masse's TERA. The free to play TERA has recently gone live, giving MMORPG fans of the game a chance to download the game for free. Those who had purchased the game before this f2p launch gains a Veteran status in game. Others can still purchase the Veteran for a special mount, daily selection of boosts, scrolls and other benefits. Continue reading for the details of TERA f2p and see the launch trailer. Get your free Dracoloth mask when you sign up for free today.


TERA : Rising Is Live - Play TERA for free

TERA has been one of the hottest games of the previous year. Unforunately for En Masse, it didn't live up to the hype and despite being a very decent game, it didn't really become one of the top MMOs. DevilsMMO's TERA Diary was also very short-lived. On the other hand, my personal opinion is that TERA has been definitely one of the Top 10 MMO Games of the last two years. I would also call it a very under-rated game looking at it today. 

Nevertheless, TERA is now free to play. While En Masse continues to publish the game in North America, Gameforge is the new European publisher of TERA: Rising and as of today, players can go to the new f2p TERA site and download the game for free. 

The free to play TERA: Rising has launched with a new update. The new update adds content for PvE and PvP. There is a new dungeon, the Crucible of Flame, as well as the Champions’ Skyring 3 vs 3 arena. The Crucible of Flame offers a revamped dungeon experience giving players a challenge against monsters and bosses different difficulty levels. Those who complete a challenge will be rewarded with in-game items. Only if you can beat the two new boss monsters. The update also introduces some new mini-games. For more information on TERA: Rising, visit the official site-->>

Play TERA for free

TERA Free To Play launch trailer

TERA Rising screenshots

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