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The Lost Titans: Second Beta Launches

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the lost titans betaZQGame has just announced the second beta phase for its browser based MMORPG "The Lost Titans". The game is still in its Closed Beta stage and the developers are getting ready to show testers the new version of the game with new content, better in-game economy, new features and more localization options. Read on for the details of the next Beta version of The Lost Titans.


The Lost Titans : 2nd Beta Is Ready

The Lost Titans is a browser based MMORPG developed by ZQGames. The game revolves around Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythologies, and takes  players on a mythological journey through the world of Aristos to save their Titan Lord Hyperion. If they can do this, they will save their lands from the Titan Ophion's destruction. The game has been in Closed Beta since late 2012 and it's ready to have its new build to go live. Come April 18, the new features and new content will be introduced to Beta Testers. 


The Lost Titans Beta #2

The new content and features have been developed according to player feedback. This new Beta phase will offer players a more balanced in-game economy and the following new content:

  • Additional Pets and Mounts
  • GM and In-Game Events
  • New Tutorials
  • New Bosses
  • Expanded VIP Level
  • New Player-vs-Player (PvP) Features
  • Visit The Lost Titans website for more details.
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