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The Secret World 3-day Free Trial available now

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Earlier today, when we posted the details of The Secret World's new episode, Episode 2: Digging Deeper, I couldn't stop myself from mentioning a possible free-trial on the horizon. And only a few hours later, Funcom posted about this new 3-day free trial that's become available just an hour ago. So, if you have been looking to give TSW a whirl, sign up for the trial and download the game. There is also a trick to expand the trial even further. Read on for details.



The Secret World - 3-Day Free Trial is available

The Secret World is one of the few subscription based MMO's. I say "few" because that's really the case today. More and more games with subscription model have turned free to play. The Secret World, the modern day, conspiracy-theory-packed-MMO is not turning f2p, not yet.

Only a few hours after our expectations for a Free Trial weekend, Funcom posted the news on the new 3-day free trial. To take advantage of this new Free Trial opportunity, you just need to visit the link below and register a free account before you download the game client. If you have time this week, give it a chance, you won't regret it.

There is also a way to extend the 3-day Free Trial; complete 30 missions in 72 hours and you'll get 2 days of game time and 1200 bonus points when you complete 30 missions.

Source: The Secret World website


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