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The Secret World: Issue #4 To Introduce Reticule Combat And Chainsaw

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The Secret World Issue 4

The Secret World's new game director Joel Bylos has been working hard with the development team to make plans for the upcoming Issue #4 and beyond. The team has already got Issue #5 and Issue #6 planned for the fans of the MMO. The Secret World's director posted the details of the upcoming content update including the new Reticule Combat and Chainsaw weapon. And of course, he didn't forget to talk about MMO reviews...



The Secret World Issue #4 - Reticule Combat, Chainsaw and More Social Features

The Secret World's Issue #4 is coming soon. The director of the MMO at Funcom, Joel Bylos explained their future plans as well as Issue #4 features in his latest blog post. And as usual, he also talked about MMO reviews and scores. Bylos didn't really criticise MMO sites but he said that it's totally understandable that The Secret World has received all sorts of different ratings but it looks like he prefers user scores as they are all better for TSW.

Back to the real deal, The Secret World's future updates. First off, Issue #4: Big trouble in the Big Apple is going to arrive soon. Bylos says they will be introducing new features with Issue #4. The highly anticipated New York Raid -where players must battle a towering Eldritch horror in the ruins of Time Square- is coming to the game with Issue #4 so players should prepare themselves for amazing battles.

The Secret World's New York Raid to arrive with Issue 4

Issue #4 will introduce the New York Raid. It looks exciting, isn't it?

Secondly, the second aux weapon "Chainsaw" will be introduced. There is also the new Albion Theatre in London that is going to allow players to put on plays for each other and receive rewards. Bylos says he is really wanting to see London become more alive in the future with small but important new social features. 

Reticule Combat - (Optional)

And the all new Reticule Combat. I don't know if you have ever played The Secret World but it features the traditional same-old combat mechanics which is -in my opinion- one of the main problems with MMO's today. Fortunately for the fans of TSW, Bylos says the Reticule Combat is ready to be deployed. Players who are comfortable with the traditional targeting system will still be able to keep it as is. Reticule Combat will be optional. He also talks about their plans beyond Issue #4 and you can read the whole post here.


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