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The Secret World: Issue 6 Revealed

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The Secret World Issue 6Funcom has revealed the upcoming episode of The Secret World; Issue 6: The Last Train to Cairo. This new episode is going to be about time travel. Players will be going back in time and visit Egypt in the past, see The Scorched Desert. Aside from the new missions included in this new episode, there is also a new auxilliary weapon: "The Whip". The new 10-player raid also sounds very challenging. Read on to see the first screenshots, the issue cover and more details on it.


The Secret World: Issues 6 Takes Players Back In Time

The Secret World's content packs: Issues are always exciting. The upcoming Issue, Issue 6: The Last Train To Cairo is perhaps the best update we have seen since the game's release. Why do I think it's the best? For two reasons. First of all, it includes time travel. It's a really exciting concept. Imagine travelling back in time with your secret society member character and travel to Egypt and the Scorched Desert. With all the unique missions included in this new content pack, there is also the unique Whip weapon. Whip is great for solo battles as well as team-play. You can use the whip to draw your enemies closer and help your team mates run faster. 

The Secret World - Issue 6 The Last Train to Cairo

The new auxilliary weapon: Wish

Apart from the main missions and side missions included in the update, there is a new raid that will introduce a new boss. The raid will allow players gather in groups of ten and take on this new monster.

The new Veteran and Recruitment system will reward players for each extra month they have been a member. With the points they earn, they will be able to win rewards. For each character you recruit, you will also win points and you will be able to convert these points into a membership. You can read the whole preview of the Issue 6 over at TSW website. And you can sign up for The Secret World when you click the button below.

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