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The Secret World: Maya Style Farming

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The Secret World Farming with MayansThe Secret World's developers and producer particularly have had the End of Days spirit all month long. The latest Mayan invasion in the game has not stopped on December 21st and the Maya monsters keep on spawning almost anywhere. Smart players took this opportunity and started farming at many locations. Continue reading to see the Mayans getting slayed in hundreds.


The Secret World: Farming With Mayans

I am not a big fan of farming, at all. Farming for items or experience... Not even for both at the same time. I just can't stomach the idea of devoting myself into repeating the same event, and in many cases the same action for hours and hours. Even if you don't do it alone, it's still boring as hell. It is just me, you may disagree as it's also considered a shortcut to free game items. 

Farming in The Secret World is no different. It's more popular than ever since last week. Now that there are thousands of Mayan monsters in The Secret World, players are teaming up with a couple of friends for hours of farming. Mayans are literally popping everywhere. Even at presumed safe locations when you are just makin changes to your ability wheel or skills. There are some locations they pop more frequently, almost in real time as they die. If you have played the game in the last 5-6 days, you probably have seen a lot of farming activities going on around. It's happening. Killing mayans for hours won't give you experience but you can acquire items like a pet you have been wanting to get, so it's a not a bad deal in the eyes of some players. And if you have a strong build, a powerful character, you could be killing 30 mayans in 60 seconds, just like in the short video below. Good luck farming with Mayans!

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