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The War Z Is Back On Steam

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the war z back on steamFor the second time in only three months, The War Z the controversial survival horror MMO is back on Steam. The War Z was removed from Steam network shortly after its initial launch back in December 2012 and it was a subject of several scandals including a patent removal. Now that the game is re-released on Steam, we believe the developer Hammerpoint Interactive has fixed the problems with the game. Read on for details.


The War Z Re-releases on Steam

Customers hated the War Z when they found out it was an MMO game with so many problems when it was released on Steam network in December 2012. If you remember the hot debates over it, it was also removed from Steam by Valve and Valve had even offered a refund to its loyal customers. Later in December, it was reported that United States patent office had suspended Hammerpoint's trademark application for The War Z.

And today, Hammerpoint announced that the game is back on Steam. We checked it ourselves so yes The War Z is back on Steam. The price tag is the same, $14.99, so is the awful metascore on the same page. A terrible score of 23 gives you all the hint you need but it's still your choice to go and buy the game. We really recommend you to wait a little more before you rush this one. We will definitely be keeping an eye on The War Z. On the flipside, it had so much potential, even to encourage developers to make more zombie MMOs.... You never know. Everyone deserves a second chance... I guess.

The War Z is back on steam

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