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The War Z Gets a Name Change

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The War Z was pretty unsuccessful critically, but it got a lot of sales. That was until Steam removed it from their service and stopped people spending their hard-earned cash on something that was in no way as described. Then the people behind the film World War Z decided that perhaps the names were a little too similar and demanded that The War Z became something else.

Today that new name has been announced, and it's not nearly as easy to slip off the tongue as the original name. If nothing else, Infestation: Survivor Stories will give the developers a new chance to trick people into buying the same game all over again.

Not that I'm saying that's what they want to do, although there's no mention of the actual name change on the new official website itself. There's no mention that it used to be another game at all, and that's no surprise. After over a year of terrible reviews and poor customer service, this name change is probably the best thing that could happen.

It's unlikely that those in the know will be quick to forget the refusal to issue refunds (even if the game had only been played for 10 minutes), the stolen art assets from The Walking Dead, the mass banning of anybody who have any complaints about the game from the official forums... I hope for the sake of new purchasers that developer Hammerpoint Games has learnt their lesson.

The old War Z website now redirects to the new Infestation site. Check it out, just don't reach for your credit card just yet.

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