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Top 5 Browser Games in September 2012

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Top 5 Browser Games in September 2012
Sometimes downloading is a chore, especially if you have a connection allowance and want to play one of the bigger games. Conan is almost 20GBs by now and there are other games not far behind. That in itself rules out that game for a huge portion of players. But it doesn’t have to be that way, there are plenty of decent, enjoyable games that available to play from the browser and that doesn’t always mean that there’s a drop in quality either. Thanks to advances in the power of gaming on the internet, the sky is quite literally the limit and there are certainly games on this list that fully rival that of fully downloadable games.


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Below you’ll find five of our absolute favourite browser-based MMOs. There are other browser games that deserve a mention as well but didn’t quite make the list; be sure to jump in the comments and tell us your favourites if they’re not on here.


#1 – Call of Gods

Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for the first game I reviewed at DevilsMMO, but Call of Gods has remained a game I check into every so often. It’s a decent strategy game mixed nicely with RPG elements and is definitely a more hands-on experience than you’d expect from browser games if all you’ve ever played is RTS games or Farmville. Not quite an MMORPG, not quite an MMORTS, Call of Gods is an MMO not easy to put into a specific genre and for that reason alone it’s well worth checking out. After re-reading Call of Gods review, I remember that there’s an overabundance of semi-naked women as well, which I’m led to believe isn’t a bad thing for people that like semi-naked women.

Call of Gods

Play Call of Gods here->


#2– Uprising Empires

I had to choose a token RTS for this list, partly because I know they’re hugely popular and partly because they make up a huge, huge chunk of the browser game world. They’re mostly all the same, most suck and will largely not interest anybody who wants a game they can focus on for hours and hours and hours.

Uprising Empires

Read our Uprising Empires review->

Uprising Empires is the game I chose to make an appearance. It wasn’t without its flaws and bits were downright annoying, but  it didn’t baby the player and it tried, at least a little bit, to do things differently. Still suffering from the basic flaws of the genre – long wait times, constant attempts to get you to spend your real life money on things you don’t need and annoying, generalized races that make no real difference to your playtime – Empires was the first game in the RTS genre that I played and understood the fascination. It wasn’t for me, but I could understand why somebody would want to spend their time playing it. I should probably check in at some point, I bet my resources are through the roof.

#3 – Runescape

If there’s a browser-based game that deserves a place on this list, it is Runescape.. The quintessential browser MMORPG, it still regularly pulls in tens of thousands of players across over a hundred servers - both free-to-play and paid – and with eleven years on the clock, that’s quite an achievement. It also helps that it’s a pretty decent game and you’ll find yourself completely engrossed by a slice of MMO history, updated in recent years so that it doesn’t look entirely like a slice of MMO history. I’m told the only way to play this game is buy paying for an account, but be sure to check out the free servers before you make any sort of financial commitment – that way you won’t be disappointed.


Visit Runescape website->

#4 – Crystal Saga

While I can’t say I enjoyed the story, Crystal Saga pretty much defines the traditional MMORPG browser game. It has everything you’d expect: graphics and music designed to give a sense of nostalgia to people who played RPG games of the past, endless quests, auto-path and the like. If strategy games aren’t your thing, you don’t have the connection for Family Guy Online and Call of Gods is too ambiguous for you and you want something a little more modern than Runescape, Crystal Saga is a hugely popular browser MMORPG that’ll keep you going for days and days and days. Read our Crystal Saga review here.

Play Crystal Saga for free

Click the image to play Crystal Saga


#5 – Family Guy Online

Love it or hate it, Family Guy is a modern animation milestone. After being brought back from the dead by DVD sales and desperate fans, it has gone on to inspire countless people and instigate quoting sprees across the world. The series also has a rather decent MMORPG based upon it and, ladies and gentlemen, it is fully playable in a browser. You wouldn’t know Family Guy Online was playable in a browser if you’d just seen screenshots and videos, but there you have it. The graphics rival the average downloadable game, the jokes are at least passable (and sometimes hilarious) and the game itself is better than a lot of browser MMORPGs.

Family Guy Online

Read Family Guy Online review->

Worth looking into for the technological feat alone, Family Guy Online is a game that won’t disappoint and just might surprise. It is definitely a worthy example of the browser game and definitely something you should check out.


Special Mention – Neopets

Another that gets onto this list purely because of its place in MMO history. Look up the phrase free-to-play or even browser games and Neopets will be top of that list. It was bringing together a massively multiplayer community years before World of Warcraft, was free-to-play years before Aeria games existed and was entertaining kids (of all ages) years before many of them even knew what an MMO was. While it’s strictly not a game itself (rather a hub for games and an overarching pet meta-game), I imagine you could ask an awful lot of people (of a certain age) what their first multiplayer browser game was and no doubt the majority of them would answer “Neopets.”

Visit Neopets website->


Conclusion - Top Browser Games in September 2012

It’d be easy to believe that just because you’re playing games in a browser that you’re going to get some half-game and in some cases you’d be right. If this list proves anything though, it’s that there’s a huge variety of titles out there, some of a very high quality rivalling even the majority of download games. For some people, downloading a game is completely impossible and if you’re still after your MMO fix, the no-download games above will be more than enough to keep you going until you improve your internet, improve your computer/hard drive, or if you’re just looking for something new and exciting to play.

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