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Unique Features Revealed for ChronoTales

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ChronoTalesWhen there is a new MMORPG announcement, we usually look for something innovative, or at least something that is unique enough to make it into our list of games to watch, otherwise there are so many generic games not worth a second look. ChronoTales did make it into our list. The upcoming MMORPG from Ray Media is promising to feature an interesting pet system. In ChronoTales, players will be able to raise 6 pets and use 3 of them at once, and on top of that merge them all into their characters. 


ChronoTales Allow Players to Merge Pets Into Character

ChronoTales may not be just another MMORPG, well at least it's got some unique features according to the publisher gamedp's release. The MMORPG is going to enter its first CBT later this month and it's inviting players to check out its unique pet system.

Pets are entertaining in MMOs but I usually find them not very useful in many games. ChronoTales' developers are aiming to change that in this new MMO. There will be six pets at your service in ChronoTales and three of these pets will be available to use at once. Spirit Wolf, Lion, Leopard, Phoenix, and Magna Dragon are some of the pets available in ChronoTales. Players will be able to put them into Fight condition to get their help in battles. 

ChronoTales Screenshot Showcasing Pets Merging Into Character

Three pets merging into one character means a lot of boost?

The best feature is the ability to mount these pets into your character. Once you merge these pets into your character, your character will receive significant attribute boosts. Such as movement speed, your character will start moving faster depending on the total of your pets attributes.

As you can imagine, there will be pets to win as rewards or purchase directly in game. We will find out more when Closed Beta begins later this month because this ability to use three pets at once may cause balance issues. That all depends on the type of pets available at the in-game store. It's all we habe got for now but expect more details on the way to the CBT.

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