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Lord of the Rings Online: War Steeds

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War SteedsLord of the Rings Online's new expansion Riders of Rohan introduce mounted-combat. As expected, the mounts for combat are different from the regular travel mounts. Today, Turbine has released more information on combat mounts also known as War Steeds. There are three types of War Steeds and you can find out all about them when you continue reading.



LotRO - War Steeds : Combat Mounts in Riders of Rohan

War Steeds are the combat mounts in Lord of the Rings Online, introduced with the latest Riders of Rohan expansion, which is the fourth major expansion for the fantasy MMORPG.

You may remember the standard travel mounts from our Lord of the Rings Online video review, but these combat type mounts; War Steeds are way different from them. They are faster, stronger, more agile and specially trained for battle.

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These new combat-class mounts, War Steeds come in three different types. The mounts themselves don't have class-based features but they do allow players to mix and match with their class abilities. In other words, War Steeds will be unique according to your own class abilities.

War Steeds

There are three types of War Steeds

Three types of War Steeds are: "The Courser" which is a fast and agile Light mount with great speeds but less Endurance and Armour. The second type is "The Rouncey" which is the best choice for most players who'd like a balanced mount. It has got moderately armoured Medium steed, which provides balance, stability. The Rouncey is an offense mount. The third and the last type of War Steeds is "The Destrier" which is the heavy class mount and it has greater armour allowing greater resistence to more damage.


All these War-Steeds may be customized further by assigning trait points. We will be taking a closer look at War Steeds in another video review in August.

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