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Wargame Airland Battle preview

in Preview, Wargame Airland Battle

Wargame Airland BattleFocus Home Interactive has revealed the latest German units for its upcoming combat & real time strategy MMO game Wargame: Airland Battle. Following the success of its debut title Wargame: European Escalation, Focus developers had taken the game to the next level by producing an improved sequel. Today, we will take a look at the latest screenshots of the game as well as some of its best trailers so far including the all new Aircraft Trailer. Continue reading for a visual feast.


Wargame: Airland Battle

If you like strategy games and combat MMOs, this is like an all-in-one game that combines strategy with action packed combat. In Focus' next game Wargame: Airland Battle which is the sequel to Wargame EE, players will be able to use multiple types of battle units from different nations. With the latest addition of German units to the game, there are now aircraft units, tanks and infantry. 

The game is going to replace Focus Home's previous RTS title Wargame European Escalation. With many new features such as the showroom where players can view their units and their stats in 3D, or the new Traits feature adding some RPG element to the game, it's going to be released later this year. There is no set release date but we are going to let you know whenever the developer announces.

Enjoy the latest screenshots and the two trailers for Wargame Airland Battle for now.
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Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 1 Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 2
Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 3 Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 4
Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 5 Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 6
Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 7 Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 8

For more information visit Wargame Airland Battle website.

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