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Wargaming CEO says World of Tanks has the highest payment ratio

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World of Tanks monhtly profitWargaming's CEO Victor Kisyli has all the right to talk proud of the company's giant MMO title "World of Tanks" which launched back in 2010 in Russia and kept growing in all regions from Russia to Europe to North America. Continue reading for the facts from the CEO himself.


World of Tanks generates double digit millions of profit 

World of Tanks is an impressive combat MMO game that features tones of beautifully designed tanks. The game has always been huge in Russia and it continues to expand its user-base in Europe and North America while Wargaming targets other regions like Brazil and Turkey. 

There is an interview over at Gamesindustry with the CEO of Victor Kisyli. 

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CEO of Wargaming talks about how they decided to develop and publish World of Tanks themselves and not find a 3rd party publisher. 

"You have to be a publisher and developer under one roof - that's what we realised four years ago when we started shopping around for publishers for World of Tanks. We met them all. Trying to negotiate a contract we realised they would not be able to do the job. "

He also says they probably have the highest paying user base in MMO industry as he says about 25% of the active players purchase virtual goods in World of Tanks. 

"We probably have one of the highest payment ratios in the industry, it's around 25-30 per cent," he revealed. "Because people love the game."

Kisyli doesn't hesitate to disclose the profit they make from World of Tanks. Apparently the game is doing really great. 

"Those would be millions of dollars [of profits] per month," he said of. "Many millions. I'm not going to give you the exact number, but double digits. Not high double digits."

World of Tanks is still free to play

Despite the big profit, Kisyli says the game doesn't really push players into using their credit cards and paypal accounts. On the contrary he says the game is completely playable without spending a dime. But when it comes to getting competitive, he admits that players would have to start spending.

"For casual gameplay which most players do most of the time, people don't usually use gold or expendables. Of course if you want to win a tournament, if you're competitive, if you play clan wars, if you want to be at the top, we think it's appropriate to expect a little bit of money from you...

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