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Warriors Saga: Eastern Fairy Tales

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Warriors Saga new browser MMORPG

A new browser based MMORPG from clapalong. Featuring stories inspired by Eastern fairy tales, Warriors Saga promises to deliver an MMORPG experience wth interactive quests. Features include Quest auto-navigation, pet raising and mounting system, polymorphic transformation and much more. 




It looks like we will see more browser based MMORPGs in 2012. Here is another new MMORPG. This one comes from clapalong games and features an Eastern fairyland themed story.

Warriors Saga is a browser-based MMORPG featuring stories inspired by Eastern fairy tales. With an accurate depiction of Eastern fairyland, Warriors Saga is able to deliver the best gaming experience via its interactive story quests. Here the Eastern philosophy of harmony and peace is achieved.

In addition to the richness of Eastern culture, Warriors Saga adds western elements of unprecedented features to enhance game-play, such as quest auto-navigation, pet raising and mounting system, polymorphic transformation and much more. Instead of the traditional turn-based combat mode found in many other browser-based MMORPG, Warriors Saga incorporates a highly realistic and powerful real-time combat mode.

Raise pets, explore Quests, chat with your friends, apply equipment, upgrade skills, player trading, and start wars! Your character will be equipped with a variety of weapons, skills and magical abilities to help you in your journey through quests across the mysterious lands.

You may join in Warriors Saga to experience the mysterious eastern culture. Seeing is believing! 

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