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Wildstar: Dominion Faction & Stalker Class Revealed

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Wildstar Dominion ScreenshotsIt looks like Carbine is going to make you all Wildstar fans, unless you're already one. The studio had announced that it would be revealing more on this unique MMORPG as the Beta stage is nearing day by day. Today, they have revealed even more than they did yesterday. Let's take a look at some stunning artwork, screenshots of Draken, Mechari and Stalker races inside the Dominion faction as well as another video for the Stalker class. 


Wildstar - Latest Screenshots & Videos 

Ask any MMO enthusiast for five games on their radar and most likely one of them will be Wildstar. Carbine's upcoming MMO game Wildstar has attracted all the attention when they first announced the title back in summer of 2011. The first CG trailer was so awesome, it immediately became one of the most anticipated MMOs. Well, Carbine didn't have plans to rush it so they took their time...

Until last week when they announced more on the upcoming Beta along with another gorgeous Wildstar trailer that showed us the Exiles for the first time. And only hours after yesterday's release which revealed Deradune hunters along with more screenshots of the zone. If none of this really excites you, you may want to hear it from the game's producer. What makes Wildstar a unique MMO? And soon enough, maybe in two months, we will finally see the game ourselves when it enters its first Beta testing. Before all that, let's take a look at what we have today. Today, Carbine has released plenty of new screenshots showcasing the Dominion Faction and the Stalker Class.

Dominion Faction is a powerful interstellar empire. It is all about power and technology for the Dominion. They want only one thing and that's to control the planet. See more on Dominion in this new Meet the Dominion trailer. Dominion faction has several races inside. Three of them are the Cassian, Mechari and the Draken. (see artwork below)

Stalker Class

Carbine also revealed the Stalker Class. The Stalker is about being stealth and high technology. The use of nanotechnology and the abilities of a silent assassin, Stalkers can sneak up on enemies and take them out with their claws. They are very tactical and intelligent. See more on Stalker class in this new class reveal video.

And guys, finally we have some beautiful Wildstar artwork and new set of screenshots of Wildstar. These new images are showing us the three races inside the Dominion faction. The Cassian, Mechari and the Draken.



Wildstar artwork


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