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Wildstar: Introducing Khuvor

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Draken Hunter Khuvor from WildstarCarbine continues to tease us with Wildstar characters in fashion. They don't just post screenshots or videos but they interview the characters themselves.This time, they have revealed Khuvor a character of Draken race. Khuvor, being a Draken Hunter, he is one bad tempered fellow. Well, before we turn into a prey like the original reporter, I am leaving it up to you to read on and find out more, or just leave it at this. 


Wildstar's Draken Hunter: Khuvor

Wildstar's iconic character Khuvor is a Draken Hunter. Drakens are hunting, that's all they do on the planet of Nexus. They are after the Exiles, the Granok, Falkrin, Marauders and the Skeech. Khuvor speaks of Exiles with hatred and Skeech as challenging foes. He doesn't really care about the questions of the reporter and he constantly threatens him. At the end of the interview, you know that this angry Draken Hunter is not really joking. Well, did I just say that all the Draken Hunters did was hunt? Sorry about that Draken Hunters, including you Khuvor...

So who are the Draken? Drakens have come to Nexus to salvage weapons and kill all survivors left on the planet. That's all we know but , let's hear the rest from Khuvor. 

Khuvor: We are the Draken! Forged in the fires of planet Mikros! For a thousand years we have led the unstoppable war machine of the Dominion military, slaughtering all who dare face us on the field of battle! We are savage! We are UNYIELDING!


Khuvor says he does a lot more than just hunting all day. He says he has many skills! And that Draken hunters do not spend all their time hunting and fighting. Khuvor also likes to train. He trains with weapons in the morning and shields and armor in the afternoon. Finally some martial arts in the evenings. So, these Draken Hunters are not only strong, they are also very skilled in combat.

You can read the whole interview over at Wildstar website and make sure you don't stick around a Draken Hunter. I know I won't! Devil out.


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