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World of Tanks: All About Update 8.4

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World of Tanks update 8.4Wargaming, the developer of the popular combat MMO game World of Tanks has just revealed the details of the upcoming game update 8.4. Update 8.4 is going to introduce the new British Tank Destroyers including the Universal Carrier QF 2 and A39 Tortoise as well as additions to the Soviet Tank Tree and new light tanks for the German nation. Read on for details and loads of new screenshots.


World of Tanks Update 8.4 Features

Another game update for World of Tanks. Yes! New tanks and new tanks. What else you'd expect from an update for the tank combat game... This time, Wargaming is adding the British Tank Destroyers such as the QF2 and the A39 as well as AT7, AT8. These are super heavy assult gun carrier which can rip any tank apart, especially the heavy enemy tanks.

British Destroyers aside, the update will also add new tanks to the Soviet Tank Tree (of course). The new SU-100Y tank destroyer might become your next destroyer if you're a fan of Soviet tanks. SU 100Y is a Soviet prototype build upon the Soviet prototype T-100. It was designed to carry explosives, destroy bunkers and of course other heavy tanks. It has a 130mm B-13 naval gun and weighs at 60 tonnes.

World of Tanks update 8.4 AT7

AT7 is a Heavy Tank Destroyer

Finally Update 8.4 will add some German light tanks and also includes four improved maps; Steppes, Fisherman's Bay, Ensk and Live Oaks. There is also a revamped version of the in-game tutorial for the newbies. 

World of Tanks Update 8.4 is quite a large update with loads of new content and improvements. We haven't expected anything less than Wargaming anyway. They have really done an amazing job with frequent game updates since the launch of the game. Enjoy the amazing screenshots of World of Tanks update 8.4 below.

World of Tanks Update 8.4 Screenshots

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