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World of Tanks Update 8.3 Goes Live

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World of Tanks update 8.3World of Tanks is welcoming another nation tomorrow. Chinese tanks are about to invade the battlefields of the combat MMO game first in Europe and Asia to be followed by North America tomorrow. The Update 8.3 adds  17 steel machines belonging to the Chinese People's Liberation Army in the 20th century. Chinese tanks are best known for their decent armor, impressive mobility and accurate guns. Check out the new Chinese tanks renders when you read on.


World of Tanks: Chinese Tanks are here

If you've played World of Tanks, you may have heard about the earlier reports on Chinese tanks that were in design stage. Now, Wargaming is ready to unleash Update 8.3 and 17 Chinese tanks in Europe(today) and North America(tomorrow). Korean version of the game will see the same update on January 21st.

The is also an updated lower tiers of the tech tree that now features foreign designs, such as the Type 97 Chi-Ha. Type 97 is the first Japanese-made tank in the game. Top-tier tanks include some of the original Chinese models, including models that were never produced (prototype only).

New Chinese Tank renders

Chinese Tanks Screenshot - World of Tanks

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