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World of Tanks: Update 8.5 Changes Economy

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World of Tanks update 8.5 tanksWorld of Tanks updates are known for adding new tank trees and enhanced maps. Update 8.5 offers much more than a regular update. Update 8.5 introduces in-game economy changes, giving players the chance to purchase premium items with silver credits for the first time in the history of the combat MMO. Read on for the latest screen-shots of Updat 8.5's new medium and light tanks as well as the details of the economy changes.


World of Tanks Update 8.5 and New Tanks

The latest content update for World of Tanks: Update 8.5 has just gone live and thousands of World of Tanks players started to wait in queue to lay their hands on the new tanks. This new update widens the rosters of both the German and the Soviet tech trees as it introduces new medium and light weight tanks as well as changing the in-game economy forever.

With this new Update 8.5, players of the combat MMO will be able to purchase all premium items in return for silver credits. This is such a big milestone for the game. It's not only about the premium items but also for the premium only features; creating 3-member platoons and companies.

World of Tanks update 8.5 and new Soviets

World of Tanks T70

When we look at the new tanks we see the German tree getting new additions: the Leopard 1, a very efficient and deadly Tier X all-rounder.

The Soviet tech tree also received three new light tanks, including the T-60, T-70 and the T-80.

There is one new map : Pearl River. As World of Tanks maps have been updated with every content update, Update 8.5 also brings the new versions of the three existing maps. "Siegfried Line, South Coast and Malinovka". 

UK Tech tree also receives attention from the developers as the Sexton, a new premium SPG is being introduced. Enjoy the latest tank renders featuring the new content from Update 8.5 below. For more on World of Tanks, visit our World of Tanks section.

World of Tanks update 8.5 features T70


World of Tanks Sexton

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