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World of Tanks Update 8.5 Goes Live Tomorrow

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World of Tanks update 8.5 and gold featuresWargaming's top MMO World of Tanks is about to receive its latest content update; Update 8.5. As we reported earlier this month, Update 8.5 is going to add new German and Soviet Tanks, and more importantly for the f2p crowd, it will be unlocking the previously premium-only features of the game to the whole community of the combat MMO. Continue reading for the details of World of Tanks Update 8.5 as well as the latest screenshots.


World of Tanks Update 8.5 Unlocks Premium Only features

If there was one negative about World of Tanks, it was the gold only items that premium and paying-members had access to, leaving the f2p fans out of the competition. Today, World of Tanks Update 8.5 goes live in Europe, to be followed with North America tomorrow. Update 8.5 is not like an ordinary WoT update and it doesn't only introduce new tanks. 

World of Tanks Update 8.5

New Soviet and German tanks are being introduced as Tier X Leopard 1 is seen in the horizon while the Soviet tree sees three new light tanks. Visual revamps continue as Siegfried Line and South Coast as well as the Malinovka maps have their enhanced versions ready. 

Buy Premium Consumables Without Gold

But the biggest news is that the premium only features such as the premium consumable items and the ability to create 3 member platoons and companies is becoming a standard feature, pleasing all the f2p fans of the game. If you ever complained about the buy-to-win sides of the game, you don't have a case any more. 

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