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World of Warplanes: Control Methods video

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World of Warplanes ControlsWorld of Warplanes new developer diary video focuses on control options. As air-combat requires advanced moves and instant reactions, Wargaming developers wanted to offer multiple control options for players to choose from. Read on to see the video and find out more about the control methods in World of Warplanes. 



Control Methods and Options in World of Warplanes

When the combat is in air in a game and there is 3D movement, it's a very challenging task to implement the best control method. Wargaming's upcoming air-combat MMO game "World of Warplanes" is just in this category. Thanks to the ambitious Russian developers of the game, players will find multiple control options to choose from.

World of Warplanes Control Options

World of Warplanes will offer four different control options

In this new developer diary video, Wargaming developers explain us why they are offering multiple control options and how they implemented these in World of Warplanes. According to the video, their first goal was to create control options that are easy master and user friendly. 

Four primary control options in World of Warplanes

There are 4 main control options in World of Warplanes. Producer Dimitry Yudo talks about these options in the video. 

  1. Keyboard
  2. Gamepad
  3. Mouse
  4. Joystick (that are used for flight simulation games)

With so many control methods in MMOs, I am yet to see a game that offers each control option as good as the other. The general rule is that eventually players decide on the best control option and noone uses the others. We will have to wait and see how Wargaming implemented these control options in game. I still think the best option is a joystick for World of Warplanes but I haven't tested it yet. In the video, Wargaming developers mention the lack of precision with keyboard controls too. See more in the video. 

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