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Lord of Ages review



Publisher: Lekool Inc.

Developer: Racoon X Games

Genre: MMO real time strategy game (MMORTS)


Reviewed by Matt Blain

Lord of Ages review


Become Lord over your own empire in the free-to-play Strategy MMORPG, "Lord of Ages." Developed by Racoon X Games Studio and published by Lekool, the 2D, Browser-Based MMO LOA has been smoothly running since its release in 2010 with only one major server change taking place to expand the capacity.

Set in the Medieval Ages, each player must build up their own kingdom so that they may vie to be titled Lord of Ages. It is up to the player, the Lord of their kingdom, to build up the land they are given to start with. They must then continue to maintain that land and the resources provided while also expanding their empire. Like most free-to-play games, the option to acquire VIP status exists which heightens the game-play with numerous new aspects and actions made available for players to enjoy. Lord of Ages is sure to provide players with an entertaining and intricate journey as they develop their cities, towns and kingdoms. Once player's begin to expand themselves, they will find diplomatic choices arise as they can either remain independent, join an alliance or create their own, a decision that may me more crucial than originally anticipated.

Lord of Ages MMORTS

It begins, as it normally does with the character creation process. In this case; deciding upon an admirable name, choose a befitting avatar, then selecting a nation to represent. Although no visual difference exists between the nations and nothing specific is given for selecting any of them at the start, each week new perks are provided for each nation. There are items available that player's may purchase or obtain that allows them to change their nationality when it is used. This can be very strategically handy as a specific perk that is momentarily with another nation might be more relevant to the current actions of a player, thus the change is beneficial. Player's can always change back to their first selected nation using another of that same consumable item, meaning they would have to buy another one of course, or they can continue rotating through the seven nations: Swabia, Saxony, Lombardy, Bohema, Bavaria, Thuringia and Moravia. Although the game does not entail politics within the nations per say, an alliance may put a clause to joining is they must be of the same nation, although due to the strategic implications otherwise, most will refrain from doing so.

Each player must determine how they will divvy up the land that is provided for them. There are two locations to choose from in each City, with the larger portion which includes the exterior being called the City and the other being called the town. In order to achieve and prolong an empire, a large array of resources need to be accessible. In LOA player's are required to cultivate resources so that their economy may flourish and infrastructure may be built. In the city region, lots of land are available for player's to build the infrastructure required to obtain resources. These are: Farms for food, Iron Mines for Iron, Quarries for Stone and Sawmills for Wood. Within the town walls, player's are able to build a wide variety of buildings, all of which are important for their own purpose, including the wall that surrounds the city which serves as protection from possible invaders or raiders. Some of the more prominent infrastructure that a player must construct within the town are; Cottages which are built to provide housing, Warehouses which are built to store resources, Barracks which are built to provide trained soldiers and military units, Academies which are built to conduct research which in turn further enhances certain aspects of the game, Marketplaces which allow for player's to trade their resources and Embassies which allow players to join an alliance and become in. Each and every building or infrastructure can be upgraded so that it is more productive or provides more options for the player to choose from.

Quickly it will be discovered that independence is extremely hard to protect, but that is not to say it is impossible. Player's have the ability to expand their empires and build new cities onto it, which they can then transport resources from location to location. This is extremely helpful in the expanse process, as new cities will have lower resources available. If a player is independent, most or all of the resource allocation will have to be done individually. If a player opts to join up with an already established and prestigious alliance, then they may receive aid from members of the same alliance if needed, in which they can return to the favour or help out newcomer's or allies in need. Alliances are very influential in the entirety of the game and although it is not necessarily recommended that a player join or create one, doing so opens up a broader and more interactive aspect of the game. A large diplomatic and politic proponent is involved within alliances as they can go to war or become allies with other alliances, both of which can be beneficial choices. The community within LOA is definitely a strong and positive characteristic as any enquiries are often quickly answered and the general atmosphere is fun and friendly. The activity has always been quite high with several active alliances competing throughout the numerous servers available.

One of the more vital portions of their empire revolves around the Heroes that player's will be able to access. Each Lord may have three heroes within his regime, with a variety of them existing for player's to attain or purchase. The first four levels, Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Famous can be found by exploring and conquering various wild battlegrounds, such as caves, hills or swamps. While the final two, Legend and Super, must be purchased via the shop. Player's will be able to use their Heroes for fighting and conquering various wild locations that exist, in which they can gain resources, items and even additional heroes. Heroes are also sent to lead the troops into battle versus other kingdoms and alliances. There are local tribes that only the Hero can conquer in order to gain resources, additional soldiers for the military and at times items or coins.

There are several types of actions that player's can take, aside from building infrastructure and training troops. There are the actions directly involving the military, determining when, where and how they will be used. Choosing what military units are being sent where is an extremely important decision, as there are different types to select from. Some examples of units are; Ranged such as Archery and Catapults, Infantry such as Militiamen and Paladins, and Mounted such as Calvary and Cataphracts. There are also Transports which can be used to distribute resources to various cities within their empire, or they might send them to other members of the alliance. The whole concept of alliances brings up a large scale of choices for players, especially once they form or join a alliance. There is a lot of freedom for alliances to act upon, thus there is no restrictions to the amount of allies or enemies that one may have. Diplomacy is important though, as with it and the combination of several corresponding Lords, the strength of an alliance is determined by either their collective ability to communicate so that they may defend themselves when needed or to expand their empirical grasp. Also, Lair's can be entered for a fee, where Dragons reside and must be defeated for their treasure to be unlocked to the aspiring player.

Forge your own strength, join with the mighty forces of a prominent alliance, or bear a new flag to rule the land. Whatever your diplomatic decision may be, the enjoyment will still remain as Lord of Ages provides fun and excitement for player's who enjoy real-time, strategic Role-Playing-Games. The pace of the game is smooth enough that player's will not be overwhelmed by the many decisions, yet the intricacy of the empirical process in Lord of Ages is enticingly intriguing. A slight learning curve does exist in grasping the concepts of certain strategic aspects, especially with actions regarding battle, but that is all apart of the fun and the overall difficulty of gaining strategic knowledge isn't very complicated. If any questions do arise, often the community is readily available to lend a hand. With additional items and heroes available for player's to purchase to boost their game-play experience, a range of entertainment awaits those that wish to called, Lord. Especially those aspiring enough to chase after the titled of: Lord of the Ages.

Matt Blain
© 2011

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