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Prime World review

Prime World

MOBA review

Release: 2013

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Prime World is a brand new MOBA title, although the developers have tried to shake things up somewhat. Rather than go for the same map layout, very similar characters and even the same items, they’ve taken the base idea and built it into something completely unique. By adding shades of MMORPG and MMORTS games, and by including a “single player” mode, Prime World is a MOBA that will either revolutionize the way people enjoy the genre or that will feel too much like a jack of all trades.


A New Direction – It’s always nice to try something new. It doesn’t matter whether the end result isn’t everything it should be or if it’s the best thing in the world – what matters is that a developer has tried. Prime World is an excellent example of this, a game that will sound odd to genre fans but works regardless. They’ve chosen a new direction and have made it work.

The Sum of its Parts – While not all of Prime World is as good as it should be, it’s still a fun game. There are better MOBA games out there, better MMORTS games, but together the result is fresh, entertaining and challenging.

 prime world gameplay screenshot 1

Single Player-OBA – One of my favourite “original” feature is that there are single player missions available within the game. More than DotA’s tutorial, it lets you experience the various aspects of the game without having to go online and get ripped apart by people with more skill and experience than you.

Pretty Nice – The biggest MOBA games are getting on a little now, and while DOTA 2 might be moving things in the right direction, a lot of the games that are out (and are coming out) don’t look all that good. Thankfully, that’s not a problem for Prime World, which looks pretty damn good. It’s always nice to see a bright, colourful world.

Prime-d – Instead of getting gold when you kill an enemy, you get prime. This is only a small difference in how currency is handled in Prime World (literally a name change), but it’s what it leads to that’s interesting. Instead of levelling certain move, a small icon pops up over the prime counter and the bottom of the screen. Clicking that icon levels you up and grants you a new ability. It’s far simpler than the traditional MOBA method, and it requires less thought.

prime world gameplay screenshot 2


A Matter of Timing – Although I love the inclusion of a single player mode, it’s almost hilarious how bad it can be. The lines aren’t all read especially well and sometimes something will happen on screen – a character dying, for instance – and the conversation will go on for several lines afterwards before anybody acknowledges that it happened. It’s actually quite charming, in a really cheesy way, but it adds absolutely nothing to the game.

Too Little – As mentioned above, Prime World isn’t everything is could be. The MOBA aspect isn’t as deep as League of Legends or DotA 2 – although it adds some interesting ideas, like an MMORPG-style attack system – and the MMORTS section isn’t going to be enough for those that love that genre. Prime World will be an excellent gateway between the two styles of play, and for people who have no specific interest in either MOBA or MMORTS gaming, but diehards will find themselves underwhelmed by simplified systems.

prime world gameplay screenshot 3

Simplified Systems – The MOBA section of the game is fairly watered down. The map is far smaller, there are less paths and you don’t need to worry about items. This makes for a far more intense, less strategic MOBA experience, and one that will work very well for the right sort of person. The MMORPG-like combat system will be sacrilege for hardcore MOBA fans, but is actually fairly nice to try out.


Losing Balance – The downside of having a MOBA based around things that you’ve done in a non-multiplayer part of the game is that it’s very easy to lose balance. If you come across someone that has obviously played more than you, it’ll feel like they have a slight, but important advantage. The answer to that is to play through the single player and do your best to build up your castle, but it’s not an answer for everybody.

prime world gameplay screenshot 6


Prime World is a decent attempt at making something new, although it won’t be for everybody. The MOBA part of the game is vastly simplified, but as a result it feels a little more action-y, while the new MMORPG and MMORTS elements really push the idea that this is something unique and original (as opposed to just another MOBA title). For that reason alone, it’s worth checking out when it fully launches soon. Go in with an open mind though and a willingness to keep at it, your initial impression – especially if you’re a huge fan of the genre – may be one of confusion.

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by Mat Growcott

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