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Wings of Destiny Review

Wings of Destiny

 Genre: Browser based MMORPG

 Platform: PC / Mac

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Wings of Destiny is a browser-based MMORPG published and hosted by I Got Games. If you have a Facebook, Google or Twitter account, you’re just a click away from creating your character. You’re also probably a click away from annoying your social media buddies, but you can sign up for IGG itself if you don’t want to use pre-existing accounts. What sets it apart from the competition? What’s on offer here that you won’t find anywhere else? We signed up to find out.

Wings of Destiny Gameplay Video


Orchestrated Adventure – For the most part, music in MMOs disappoints. It’s good enough that you don’t have to mute it, and that’s likely all the developer wanted. Wings of Destiny has a fairly good soundtrack, actually, far better and with more emotive power than the average browser-based MMO, certainly. I can’t help but think all the budget went into the soundtrack though, because the rest of the game is less than pretty.

Wings of Destiny Screenshot 1

Auto-Path – I do quite like the idea of Auto-path. It’s nice to know that you’re not going to suddenly get lost or not be able to find where to go next (and I’m looking at Ragnarok Online for that). The problem occurs when developers build the game around it. You could probably play through everything Wings of Destiny has to offer without pressing more than “accept” and the name of the thing you have to collect/kill/talk to. If that’s what you’re looking for, look no further.

Wings of Destiny Screenshot 2 Wings of Destiny Screenshot 3

That Community Buzz – Despite the rest of this review not being especially positive, the negatives mentioned are by no means enough to stop this game being pretty damn popular. There’s something about browser games that makes it so that a game doesn’t necessarily have to have even basic gameplay features to be popular, and that’s the case here. There’s lots of people around and they’re ready to chat. Given some of the conversations I’ve seen, not everybody is especially nice or even very civil (hence this sitting in the neutrals section) but they’re out there in their thousands, just waiting for someone to auto-path their way into their lives.

Funny Horse – The graphics for Wings of Destiny are less than spectacular, offering a decent enough experience that is unlikely to blow minds or cause mouths to open. The graphics would probably have made it to our neutrals section if not for the terrible animation. Mounts seem to have only five or 6 frames of animation while running and it ends up looking either like the animal is running through the air or like a series of pictures, rather than a moving ride. It’s not just mounts either, animation across the board is underwhelming. It has potential, but put it down to a lack of funding or an overworked graphics department.

Story? What Story? – This is really a continuation of the Auto-path mention above. Because the entire game basically consists of pressing “accept” and the location or object you’re looking for, spending time doing things like reading the story feels like time wasted. It’s not really interesting enough to hold your attention anyway, but the chances are you probably won’t even realize the things you’re doing have a purpose until you come across something unusual and can’t work out its context.

Wings of Destiny Screenshot 3

Finding your Character – Are you the sort of person who enjoys levelling and crafting your character from scratch? Do you enjoy monitoring stats, honing skills and choosing equipment that suits you? Wings of Destiny makes it really hard to set your character apart from the crowd, partly because of how quickly you level up. No fuss is made when you reach another level and it’s a little unusual in this day and age. Unfortunately, it just comes across as wanting you to keep clicking away. Talking of clicking away…

BOOKMARK US!!! – How would you like to play a game that reminds you constantly that you should bookmark it? In the centre of the screen, just below your character, flashing buttons reminds you that you should join a guild, claim a pet and bookmark the game. The only way of getting rid of the buttons is to give in to their requests. Pet gained, guild joined… game bookmarked?

Wings of Destiny Screenshot 4

Conclusion - Not your destiny, really.

Wings of Destiny feels like a game made of good intentions but without the budget to push it beyond the very basic. It’s playable, almost, and for the sort of person that enjoys browser-based MMORPGs there’s an awful lot on offer. With the good comes the bad, and the bad outweighs the good by miles. From the big (the graphics are terrible) to the little (why won’t the bookmark button disappear?), there are a hundred different things to annoy you during your time playing. It requires no thought whatsoever, which begs the question “why not just watch something on YouTube?” This isn’t a game for the MMO veteran and it’s probably not much of a game for anyone else either. That's all for this Wings of Destiny review.

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