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Firefall Gameplay Diary: Mammoth Episode

02. April, 2013Tags: Firefall, MMO Blog

Mammoth battleframe - FirefallIt's been a long time since our previous Firefall gameplay diary. Last week we had a quick look at Mammoth battleframe which seems to be the largest and powerful battleframe available in the shooter MMO today. If you are not familiar with Firefall's battleframes, they are the military grade frames manufactured by Enermax, Inc. in the game. With the recent update to the game, the battleframe tech three has changed. Today we will test drive the Omnidyne-M : the "Mammoth".


Firefall: Battleframes

Choosing a battleframe in Firefall is never easy. With changes to the Battleframe system last month, it's worth studying it before you choose your primary battleframe, or even purchase one. When you are considering to purchase, you have to know its weaknesses. Otherwise you might just be spending your Red Beans on junk. 

The recent update to Firefall has introduced the new tech tree system. The new system gives three different tracts to each battleframe tech tree. Power, Mass, and Cores.

Firefall - Mammoth battleframe

Once you go down one tract and unlock certain abilities, you will increase the limit on that constraint, and it will make your battleframe better. Today we're purchasing the Mammoth - Omnidyne-M battleframe. Mammoth has more mass than any other battleframe. What does this mean? Low speed. Yes, the mammoth is slow. If you don't like slow frames, go look somewhere else, this isn't for you. However, the Mammoth comes with two types of shields. The dome and the energy shield. This gives you the chance to protect yourself and your allies, compensating for your low speed. It's also powerful with the Heavy Plasma MG. Just like any other battleframe it all comes down to your personal preferences and style.

Firefall's mammoth battleframe gameplay

In today's gameplay video, we're taking the Mammoth for a short ride. First we jump on our Locust vehicle, do some thumping and then take on a few Shock troopers and Juggernaughts. While we were able to handle them on our own, when things get wilder as a Chosen Sniper and a Chosen Drone joined the battle, we couldn't resist much longer. Lesson learned once again. Whatever your battleframe is, it's alway a big mistake to go all solo and dive into a group of Chosens. 

I have really enjoyed testing the Mammoth but it will never be my primary battleframe. It might still be great for some of you looking for power and durability. Enjoy the video!

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