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Gloria Victis Looks To Redefine Combat In MMO Games

03. November, 2012Tags: Gloria Victis, MMO Blog

Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis is an MMORPG project that is under development by the game studio; Black Eye Games. The developer has just started its Kickstarter Campaign looking for about $100k to release the 1st Alpha version. Naturally, the later stages of the development will require more funding. The MMORPG is inspired by the medieval Europe and its main feature is the non-target combat system that requires skill and planning. Read on for the details of Gloria Victis and see the screen-shots and the video.


What makes Gloria Victis any different from the other MMORPGs?

Hard to say, yet... But I can see the potential in this MMORPG. Often I complain about the battle systems in MMORPGs and the lack of skills other than mouse clicks and possibly some keyboard macros. After all, all it takes to kill your enemy is to wait for cool-downs and hit the same ability keys in a certain order. There is no targeting involved in many MMO games as developers seem to stick with the auto-targeting systems. A few weeks ago, I read about the new reticule combat we will see in The Secret World when they release Issue #4. That's going to change how you fight in TSW but it's not going to make a drastic difference as it will only be optional.

Gloria Victis screenshot from pre-alpha

From what I have read about Gloria Victis on its official site and seen in the introduction video, they want to change the traditional fighting system in MMOs completely. Maybe not completely but it's going to dismiss the auto-targeting system we see in pretty much all games. Players will have to aim manually. They will also have to attack from the right distance. That only makes sense, doesn't it? You're not going to hit anything unless you aim and attack right in reality. Unfortunately in the history of MMO's, developers wanted to make it all easier for gamers. I think it was partially due to the problems with internet connection and all the issues related to latency. You can't be asking players to aim manually and attack right  when they are connected to your server with a 200ms latency. The auto-targeting systems kind of helped keep a balance between players from different sides of the world with different connection qualities.

All you need to level up in traditional MMO's was to stick around and spend time in game. As long as you had basic skills, you didn't even have to think. Why not just hit some random keys in a fight and win it if your character has the best of all skills? Right, that's changing today. In games like TERA, Guild Wars 2 and some others like The Secret World (at least it's in plans) developers started to understand that they should be offering players more challenges in battles.

Gloria Victis to offer a new combat system with no targeting

Another interesting bit is that the game is going to utilize real physics for weapons in game. This means, nothing will hit the target on its own and will need player to aim it right. This all sounds promising but only in theory. We will surely need to see the pre-alpha version to decide whether Black Eye Games developers can do it right or not.

Gloria Victis screenshot 3

Gloria Victis has just launched its Kickstarter campaign and it is looking for at least $100k in funding to bring out the 1st Alpha version. They seem to need over $1million to achieve what they are targeting with the project. It's not going to be easy but it's Kickstarter and anything can happen. I really hope we see something in the near future because we really need more games like Gloria Victis that tries to take fighting system in MMOs to another level.  

Gloria Victis Screenshot 5


For more on Gloria Victis, you can visit its official site.

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