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Guild Wars 2 Diary #27 : My Gun & High Level Events

16. March, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

Guild Wars 2 Diary 27We saved the day and the diplomats are safe. War, for now, seems to be dying down, the renegades are dispersing, and the land of Guild Wars 2 is once again quiet. It’s unlikely to last, but it’s time to march on back towards Lion’s Arch and call in on your commander after a job well done. Why rush though, when there are so many things to try out between here and there? Now that you’re at a level to enjoy it, take a look around some of the 30-40 level areas, take in a few events and renown heart quests and watch your level grow.

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay - Week 27


I unlocked a new weapon last week – you may have seen it in the video if you’d been watching very closely – and it’s the first time I’ve had a chance to use this sort of armament in Guild Wars 2. I’ve been looking forward to equipping a gun since the first few weeks, but I found myself preferring larger, double handed weaponry (the hammers and long swords you’ll have seen in the videos). This seems to be a class thing, as almost everyone I come across uses one of these weapons.

Guild Wars 2 Diary 27 - Screenshot 1

So unlocking a gun was a nice chance to see how it felt. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages and it’s almost certainly going to appeal more to somebody who plays with a large group of friends. Perhaps the biggest advantages using a gun gives is the ability to move while shooting and to attack from a distance. With a little practise you can get an enemy down to almost half of his life before he even manages to land a single blow. With the ‘5’ attack, you can push enemies away and put a little distance between you.

Guild Wars 2 Diary 27 - Screenshot 2

This quickly becomes a disadvantage when dealing with more than one enemy at a time. It’s easy to get surrounded if you’re fighting alone or if you’re the most powerful member of a group, and shooting is very much a one-on-one attack. Your best hope is to keep moving, firing your most powerful stuff at a single enemy and then moving on. If you absolutely have to equip a firearm, it might be worth knowing when to run, or how close you can get to a single enemy before alerting his friends. Use all of this to your advantage, have a second weapon on standby or gang together with other players and the gun might just end up being your favourite weapon.

High Level Events

Now that you’ll at least be scraping 40, there’s a big wide world out there to explore. Remember that these enemies are a little bit harder than those you’re likely to be used to dealing with and you should be fine. The areas you are yet to explore are ripe with new vistas, new renown heart quests and new interesting locations for you to see (and claim experience on), so they’re well worth checking out before you call in on the commander. You’ll also start coming across what I call “higher level events.” They’re not something I saw during the earlier parts of the game, but they’re certainly more frequent now.

Guild Wars 2 Diary 27 - Screenshot 3

Higher level events tend to come in multiple parts. You’ll fight a large group of enemies to get their morale down – just about doable on your own – and then you’ll come across a few more difficult enemies. Once you’ll killed those, a boss enemy will appear, usually with a little back-up. This boss level character will be far too difficult for one person to handle on their own, regardless of difficulty, and so you’ll want to make sure that you have a gang of adventurers to explore with. If an event suddenly becomes more than you can chew, do the right thing and run away.

As far as I can tell, you don’t get any extra experience for these events, so don’t worry too much about giving up. Just make a note of where the event is and return at a later date. You’ll get your experience eventually!

Guild Wars 2 Diary 27 - Screenshot 4

The Vigil Keep

Once you’re done exploring, you can head to the green dot on your map and talk with the commander. It’s quite difficult to get up to the keep, especially if you follow the green map, so just avoid heading down to the beach and you won’t end up having to double back on yourself. Instead, take the higher path, follow it for a very short while and you’ll find yourself right beside the objective marker and the entrance to the keep.

The commander is waiting for you, along with Kernsson. They’re both very happy with how you’ve performed and feel you deserve your promotion to Crusader. A part of Tyria once split can now be reunited in the battle against the dragons. The renegades represented a big problem for many people in the south east, and the Vigil helped clear it up and that was in a big part down to you.

The Commander confirms that the leader of the renegades was her son, and that she dislikes how things turned out. Thankfully, his death means Tyria is a safer play, so the sacrifice was worth it.

Guild Wars 2 Diary 27 - Screenshot 6

It looks like we’re going to be sticking with Kernsson for the time being, as well. He’s been tasked with finding out more about some of the lesser known races of Tyria, and he wants you to tag along. The moody old devil has apparently taken a shine to you. You’ll need to pick one of three races; the skritt, the quaggan and hylek. You’ve probably come across Skritt multiple times, and you’ve probably seen enough for a lifetime. The quaggan and hylek are a little more interesting though, if only because we’ve not had to stop them stealing from small villages time and time again. If you’re playing along with the diary, I chose the mysterious hylek.

Take your reward, crusader, and enjoy this brief respite. As part of the Vigil you’ll need to continue to prove yourself, and that’s never going to be an easy thing.


We’ve come to another “conclusion” part of the game. With a nice ending to the last couple of missions out of the way, you can either continue the story or explore some more. There’s a lot of areas now open to you, and there are people in need everywhere. The next mission, Champion’s Sacrifice, requires you be a level of 42 or above. I suggest aiming for about level 44 or 45 before progressing; anything higher will be scaled down and anything lower might prove difficult.

What do you think?

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