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TERA Diary: Beautifully Constructed World of TERA

14. July, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, TERA, TERA Diary

Exploring the World of TERASeravy the unicorn had been purified which had given the faeries of Fay Forest a little more hope for the future, but it had also revealed that there was something dark in the forest, something that shouldn’t be there and that was causing all these problems. I mopped up a few rogue unicorns and got on my way, knowing full well that I’d done almost all I could in the Fey Forest, although returning at a later time really was inevitable. First though I’d need to investigate an area of the woods ‘d never been to, a beautiful but troubled spot that would reveal more about the problems all the people of the forest had been suffering.

TERA Diary Episode 7 : Gameplay Video

Sister, Sister

In this week's TERA Diary, we continue to explore the World of TERA. Before venturing too far into the forest, I came across a young woman who’d lost track of her sister. I promised to have a look for her while I travelled towards the Vortex Stones that had been spotted up ahead and which I’d promised to break. It turned out that I didn’t have to look especially hard, and came across the young woman’s corpse almost immediately. It was a sad ending to the quest, a dark foreboding picture of things to come.

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Finishing off the monster that had killed the young girl rewarded me with her necklace, which I brought back to her sister. This far area of the Fey Forest is packed with large groups of angry enemies and, as in previous weeks, it was incredibly difficult not to find yourself completely surrounded by weak but team-minded faeries and other dangerous creatures.

TERA Diary - Exploring The World of TERA
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Destroying the Vortex Stones

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about TERA, a lot of the monsters you come across that you’re meant to fight as part of the story tend to be easier than those around you. Not all the time, but if you come across them while you’re out and about, you’ll finish an incredibly difficult battle and then turn around and finish of the area mini-boss without really trying. I’m not sure what that says, whether I’m just at a decent level for my point in the game or if the stats of certain enemies need boosting. The Vortex Stones needed destroying, protecting by three mage-type characters that were quick to fire spells from afar. They were easy to kill and within minutes the stones were decimated.  The only challenge came when I found myself surrounded by random enemies, and soon I had as many as 15 creatures after me.

TERA Diary - Exploring The World of TERA


After blasting the stones and killing their defence, Garkior appeared. The leader of these particular mages, Garkior is only a little tougher than those under his command and it’s really easy to finish him off. He has a couple of friends with him, but it’s massively unlikely that you’d struggle and before long you’ve blocked off another source of evil in the fey forest. You don’t get to leave before discovering that Garkior was part of the Scions of Lok though, a group dedicated to the return of the demon god Lok. We’d come full-circle, back to our discovery at the Isle of Dawn and we’d found why so much had gone wrong in the Fey Forest. I returned with the news, but the victory was short-lived. I was needed in the Oblivion Woods, a short walk from Lumber town, and I wasn’t going to be given a chance to rest on my laurels.

TERA - Garkior and Scions of Lok

Buying and Selling

The Fey Forest is a large region and it will take you quite a few hours to get through everything it currently has to offer, especially if you plan to complete every available side quest. It’s worth noting that the only store that I came across, as well as the only place to learn new skills, was in Lumber town and for the first time in a couple of hours the plot brings you back to your Arcadian starter point. If you haven’t gone out of your way to return to Lumber town, this will be your first chance to buy and sell items, equipment and skills and will probably be your last for a short while, so be sure to take advantage (especially since your inventory is no doubt completely full).

The Oblivion Woods

To say that the Fey Forest and Oblivion Woods are so close is quite surprising. It takes perhaps a minute’s walk (even without a mount) and all that separates them is a small cave. Walk through that cave though and you’ll come across a much thicker, wilder, less controlled environment with old trees and a sense of “nature winning.” The Fey Forest embodied the spirit of human interference in a place where the locals tolerated but despised their presence. The Oblivion Woods, with its hanging flowers and dangerous wood life, is a far more dangerous place, with wildlife ready to tear you apart and a different group of intruders ready to fight you off.

TERA - The Oblivion Woods


The Deva are a race on the brink of extinction in TERA, and they mostly live as bandits. In the Oblivion Woods they’ve found their element, an area as dark and grim as themselves, and they’ve been attacking Federation outposts to display that they don’t intend to share the area. It’s why we were called to the woods and it’s likely what we’ll be dealing with over the next few hours. I can say this: from my experience fighting it seems unlikely that I’ll manage to last without dying repeatedly. The fights have taken on another level of difficulty and if you make it to this point, you’re going to need to be ready to upgrade all your equipment and grind, grind, grind.

TERA - Deva Race


It’s always nice to come across a new area in TERA. The developers have done such a fantastic job creating each area and not just delivering a place to explore, but a living, breathing, working world. The Oblivion Woods, as dark and dank as they are, feel alive, and I can only hope my character stays that way as we venture further into it. Next week we’ll be hitting the woods hard, and maybe we’ll even discover a little more about just what is happening with the Scions of Lok and why they’re so intent of bringing back such an evil god.

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