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TERA : Exploring the Exiled Realm - 1

25. May, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, TERA, TERA Diary

I'd already started playing TERA before for a beta preview several months ago. I was suitably impressed, but hadn't got to play it as much as I'd have liked. Other work, real life and a backlog of games meant that once the beta was over, I had to decide against picking up the game to play for fun. With it being subscription based and my free time being limited, I just could justify playing and I'd decided, despite the hype, I'd probably never get around to it. It goes without saying then that I leapt at the chance to do this diary, this weekly look at the world of TERA.


It's a wonderful place, a place of adventures, of beautiful landscapes and deadly monsters, of enemies and friendships. In this diary, I hope to convey just some of the reasons you should jump on the bandwagon and see why TERA is the new MMO of choice for thousands.

[Gameplay Video] Take a quick look at what we have done in TERA this week.

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Love at First Sight

TERA makes a very good first impression. I remember being impressed almost from the very beginning, from the moment I started creating my character. I've said before, and it seems to hold true, that the more effort a developer puts into the character creation screen, the more likely it is that the game is going to be very good. TERA has a very good character creation screen and there are lots of choices to make including classes and races. If you take to this game, there's an awful lot of game for what they expect you to pay a month (twelve euros a month). On my return to TERA, I decided to play as a human archer so as to take as much advantage of the dodging and 360 controller aiming as possible. I wasn’t disappointed.

TERA Diary


The Initial Glance

As with every new adventure, my journey through the world of TERA started with a single step. Then there may have been some other steps. Then I went backwards for a while. There’s plenty to see in the opening sections of the game and sometimes you’ll want to take a few seconds to take in the scenery. One of my favourite things, and I still have a look every time I load up the game, is a flying ship that moves overhead (you can see it in the video). It’s something that some people probably won’t notice, either because they’re too busy performing quests or will instead see nothing but the glorious waterfalls in the distance. Still, whoever designed it managed to do so perfectly and it probably bothers me more than the designer that more people don’t notice it. It’s understated, absolutely fantastic to see such a subtle touch so early in the game.

TERA Diary


Exploring the World

It takes a little more than perhaps it should to get used to the control scheme and I’m guessing that’s why we’ll never see World of Warcraft (or this) on consoles. Console makers tend to have certain rules about what button has to do what in an attempt to spare gamers the need to think and, I have to admit, the control scheme in TERA made me think.

X jumps, LT accepts and picks up – it’s a veritable cauldron of madness if I’ve ever see one. Seriously though, to a regular console gamer, things are a little bit different that perhaps you’re used to and you’ll find yourself stumbling occasionally, especially if you plan to use the really big moves. It’s still the best way to play, I feel, and beats out the mouse and keyboard for sheer accessibility and I soon found myself runni g around like it was the most natural thing in the world to play an MMO with a 360 controller.

TERA Diary


An Adventure Begins

I don’t usually take a look around when I start an MMO. I’ve seen my absolute fill of wonderful quiet forests to take a lifetime and, while it’s effectively still a quiet forest in which it’s safe to train budding heroes, the Timeless Forest is really no different. Still, there’s something about it I really like, perhaps because there aren’t many video games which actually manage to put you in a peaceful mood. It’s not all quiet though and there are a variety of enemies to fight, some which will give you more trouble than others. From giant walking trees and unicorn-monsters to roves of small cat/moogle-type creatures that attack you as a pack, the enemies in TERA are surprisingly smart and the game is all the more enjoyable for it.

TERA Diary


Spending Time in the Timeless Woods

Your first couple of hours in the game will be spent exploring the Timeless Woods and the various places linked to it. There are lots of quests to do, mainly which will prepare you for much harder, scarier enemies. You’ll purchase new skills, getting used to dodging slower, bulkier enemies and fighting off the urge to just look around. The area even has its only mini-boss, an evil pig-squashing tree that you’ll see me utterly humiliate in the video above. Who knows, maybe I’ve found a tree-fighting calling? Things did tend to feel a little too slow, in terms of the quests themselves, and the world is big enough that it seems to take ages to get from one place to another. Still, it’s fun enough that I’m excited to continue into the darker, less pleasant areas of the game.

TERA Diary
TERA Diary



My first few hours in TERA were spend not really doing an awful lot outside of admiring the graphics and gently grinding for experience. I came across an outpost in which I could sell things and an orchard of sorts, bordering on a dark temple, but those are things we’ll explore in future diary entries. For now, simply enjoy the beauty of the screenshots and of the video above and know that there’s no way things are going to stay as peaceful as they are now. As an officer I came across said: “don’t let the beautiful scenery fool you, the world we’re on is dangerous,” I can’t help but think future videos will show a lot more of me dying. Next week we will continue with TERA diary!

TERA Weekly Diaries

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