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Eve Online : Pricing Tiers

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Eve Online New Clothes

While the microtransaction debate continues, CCP developers try to shed more light on the changes they have planned and they will probably scare the living daylights out of some players. And some will be happy as this allows better character customization.  In a recent post at the official blog, pricing tiers and clothing slots are explained. Read on for the new generation of microtransactions.



Buying a virtual item for $70 sounded crazy? CCP's got more coming. There will be much more expensive items to be introduced in Eve Online's NEX (The Noble Exchange). Fear not, there will also be lower priced items.

We don't know what kind of a price tag we will see but CCP's Zinfandel explained the price tiers in a recent blog post.

What's this about pricing tiers? Yes. We are planning to offer clothing and accessories at an affordable tier, a mid-tier, and a deluxe tier, with occasional exceptional offers of rare goods for a very limited number of customers. And our plan is to fill in these pieces gradually over the summer and fall but we may need to revise that plan due to the apparent gap in price tiers. To understand tiers, it helps to understand outfits and slots. 

That's not all. The most interesting comment in the post is:

Deluxe tier outfits are aimed at flamboyantly rich capsuleers regardless of whether they measure their wealth in ISK, Aurum, PLEX, or currencies from Earth. While price is of little concern for these players, they could find themselves spending two or three times the price of an affordable outfit on a single piece for their ensemble. An exceptional tier is rumored to exist that represents a very special and rare investment for the wealthiest members of the EVE community.


Flamboyantly rich capsuleers? Keep the 5 figure prices coming, CCP. :) Look at the newest collection of clothes designed by New Eden Design House.

Unlimited Unique Customizations

I still would like to look at the bright side. Don't we all want more customization in games? CCP's creations look top quality and there will be tones of virtual goods for unlimited character customization.

Eve Online new clothes

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