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in Gunshine new version introduce crafting continues with new updates and new features. We have recently reviewed the game in its early stages of development. We have to say, it already looks better now. Crafting is introduced in this new version. Check out the new version features below and play the final version of this free to play browser RPG game if you haven't already done so.
 introduced Crafting in this new version 

And that's not limited to Crafting. They have got 100 new missions, new boss fights, 4 new enemy types and new areas.



New Features:

* Crafting bots were added (visit Pirate Bay to get a crafting bot)
* Special Android mercenaries were added

Content updates:

* Simplified mission screens. Texts are shorter and there's no longer More/Less button
* New enemy types and races: Mutants, Giant Ants and Raiders.
* New items were added*
* Paradise Island (Desert) area with new missions
* Steel island (Warzone) with new missions
* New starting flow
* New tutorial and new tutorial levels
* Three new hard-core boss fights for level 30 players (at Lovens Park West)
* Credibility gates and areas with extra content
* New hairstyles for male and female characters
* New Rare & Epic weapon textures for levels above 10

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