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in Gunshine, News 067 has another update. In this update, they introduce community demanded Global Chat feature. This will enable players to chat with their friends in their native language. There is also another feature that allows players to buy in game cash with diamonds. Read on for all the details. is a free to play RPG MMO. The development team of the game has been working hard to add new content and features to the game with several updated in recent months.

You can read our review here or play now and see it in action:

Here is the latest update that went live yesterday:

Release notes, v 0.6.7

** Update December 1, 2012: has shut down.

Big New Features:
Buy game money with Diamonds
Locale-based Global chat
The welcome/mailbox window now shows the Add Facebook Friends feature
When killed, the player will re-spawn at a hospital in the closest visible area with a suitable XP level. Player can only re-spawn at a hospital area that has been visited before.
No longer showing range in skill and consumable item tooltips
New epic knifes were added to the shop
Tweaked the re-spawn rate of some enemy types to make some lower level quests more manageable
Opening small windows like Skills or Friends no longer hides mini-map or character cards.
Game Balance Tweaks:
Tweaked the price of Diamonds
Bug Fixes:
"Floating loots" that can't be picked up fixed
Various reported and reproduced issues fixed

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