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Dust 514: Uprising Is Live

Dust 514 officially launches on May 14th but the game's first major expansion "Uprising" has already gone live with improved visuals, new content and loads of new features. 

Main Features of Uprising

  • Improved and smoother user interface as well as enhanced graphics.
  • Uprising introduce new battlegrounds. All new planetary environments for players to explore.
  • New items such as new future-tech dropsuits, vehicles, and equipment.
  • The new Starmap that allows players to discover new areas of New Eden.

Apart from these main features, Uprising also brings hundreds of fixes,imprvements and additions. 

Now, sit back and let us take a closer look at the update.

What's not going to change?

Character name, Contacts, Corporation, Stats/Leaderboards, Mail, AUR and ISK currencies, PSN items and items received from events as well as Boosters in Assets, trained corporation skills, corporation Wallet and Contacts will remain unchanged.

Eve Universe: Origins trailer

What's going to change?

The new skill tree and progression system is going to clear all your skills but don't worry, CCP is going to offer a skills refund so you can restructure your skills with the new system. So when you logon today, you will see that all your SP's are back for you to re-use. All the infantry and vehicle fittings have been reset as well as all ISK items. These will all be cleared from Assets and ISK's are returned to your wallet. This means, you're not going to lose any in-game currency and skill points but you're going to have to work on these once again.

Dust 514 uprising

See the full patch notes of Dust 514: Uprising over at Dust 514 forums here.

The Planetary Conquest:

Bad news here. The conquest is not live yet. Despite the previous announcement, Planetary Conquest will only be available when Dust 514 has officially launched. This was actually a community request to give players the chance to re-design their characters.

As with the Planetary Conquest, CCP has pushed back some more features to the launch date. 

Planetary conquest is coming on May 14th

May 14th marks the beginning of the  Planetary Conquest!


Skill changes, New skills, Skill tree, Skill respec., Weapon, module, vehicle, and dropsuit rebalancing, Amarr Medium, Gallente Medium, and Minmatar Light dropsuits, Assault dropship, Item/Market refund, Factional Warfare changes, Graphic updates, UI updates, New Starmap are live as of May6th.

And on May 14th (launch day), the highly anticipated Planetary Conquest will be launching. There are weapons such as Flaylock Pistol, Plasma Cannon, Scrambler Rifle that are coming on launch day too. Finally, the new Domination game mode and new maps and terrain will be available from May 14th.


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