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Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost roundup

Guild Wars 2 Flame and Frost

Now that we have all four part update: Flame and Frost for Guild Wars 2, we wanted to give you a quick summary of what we have seen so far.

PART 1: The Prelude

With the first part: Flame & Frost: The Prelude, ArenaNet had given us a new story in the Shiverpeaks. It had also brought fixes and gameplay changes such as the new daily achievements system, locations fix, introduced new events, the new karma merchants and karma system as well as updates to the PvP and WvW modes.While it was called "The Prelude" it had brought in a load of new features and fixed things here and there.


PART 2: The Gathering Storm

The second part was "The Gathering Storm". It also fixed many other problems with Guild Wars 2 and continued the Living Story and added some kind of action to the events in different portions of the Wayfarer Foothills and the Diessa Plateau. ArenaNet added some new achievements and some minor changes to it. The new Guild System encouraged more Guilds in game and players had more chances to join a guild or form one.

The Gathering Storm

PART3: The Razing

And finally at the end of March came the third instalment of Flame and Frost. The Razing. The Razing, the deepest and richest part in Flame and Frost update came with fixes again but this time it looked like ArenaNet had finally covered every little detail.The Razing introduced balance related changes to Guild Wars 2. This includes changing some of the level barriers for Guilds as well as PvP match balances. The Razing also added new instances and new characters. You will find many instances to play, a few for a norn named Braham and a few for Rox, a Charr ranger from the Black Citadel. Series of improvements for WvW mode and another big feature: The Leaderboards. The Razing has proven to be the best update in Flame and Frost series before the final part to arrive later in April.

PART 4 : The Retribution

The forces of the dredge and Flame Legion is going to throw everything at us before we face the final boss.The only positive in this side of the story is that Rox and Braham will be our allies (but you know how we don't benefit much from allies in Guild Wars 2)... continue reading here

Read all about it in our Flame and Frost: Retribution review

Retribution boss

It will be very interesting to see what comes after the Flame and Frost. Follow the Guild Wars 2 Diary for weekly gameplay reviews of Guild Wars 2.


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