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Age of Conan: Massive Content In The Next 6 Months

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Age of Conan Schedule 2013

Age of Conan's developers revealed their long term plans including a new Unchained version of the Amphitheatre of Karutonia for max level players, Conqueror and Bear Shaman, the new region "The Secrets of the Dragon's Spine", trade-skill revamp, set bonuses for armor. The developer post also reveals the plans for 2013. In 2013 there will be new dungeons and areas over two updates. Continue reading for the details of Age of Conan's schedule for 2012 and 2013.



Age of Conan's Development Roadmap for 2012 and 2013

MMO gamers are active gamers. They post feedback on message boards, they protest certain updates or decisions by publishers with in-game activities. They also appreciate being informed of developer's plans for their beloved game. Age of Conan's development team regularly posts about their plans (once a month) and it's appreciated by its community. The latest September update explains developers plans for 2012 and 2013 involving several upcoming update for Age of Conan Unchained.

First update will probably arrive in the next two months and it will feature a new Unchained version of Amphitheatre of Karutonia for high level players. So high level players will have something to do and there will be new rewards to collect as well.

Funcom had announced the new region: The Secrets of Dragon's Spine a while ago. The upcoming updates will introduce new region and it will be free to premium players. The Secrets of Dragon's Spine will be completed in two updates, one of them by the end of this year and the other one in Q1, 2013. 

There is also a new outdoor area, again for high level, 80+ players... The outdoor area a massive new question zone is going to arrive with the first of the group dungeons; The Sepulcher of the Wyrm. The very same update is going to introduce the trade-skill revamp as well. According to the post, there are so many changes to the systems coming up in the next few updates. 

Age of Conan Dragon's Spine

Age of Conan in 2013

The rest of the Dragon Spine dungeons and content will come in 2013. The second part of Dragon's Spine storyline and other new dungeon in Coils of Ubah Kan, and the Slithering Chaos will come in 2013. These content will again be free for premium players. 

Other updates in the future

Now the rest of the post should be taken perhaps as floating ideas only. The developer states that they also have future updates they are planning but these are not included in the schedule yet. In 2013, Age of Conan will see the single server technology. The systems will continue to get updates such as the Siege System, stealth systems...Then comes more playable areas in 2013. Long story short, Age of Conan players are up for tones of new content in the next six months.

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Source: Age of Conan website

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