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AION 4.0 Will Introduce New Classes In August

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aion 4.0Gameforge has revealed the release date of AION 4.0 that is going to introduce new classes for the first time in the history of the MMORPG. Scheduled to be released this August, AION 4.0 is going to feature new classes along with new features to Atreia, from a new maximum level cap of 65, to new areas surrounding Katalam, new instances and a new base combat as well as better customization for characters. Continue reading for the first set of screenshots and the details of the new features.


AION 4.0

AION 4.0 is coming strong. To be released later this August, AION's new content update is going to be a major one packed with fantastic features. The biggest feature of the update is the addition of all new classes.

New classes

1-) The engineer is a ranged fighter with high agility and mobility. He has got two Aether Revolvers or a mighty Aether Cannon. The engineer is going to offer different playing styles depending on the weapons you choose. 

2-) The second new class is The artist.  The artist uses the power of music against enemies. I don't know how exactly this will work but from what Gameforge developers have revealed, Artists will be using various types of  all types of string instruments as their weapons.

AION 4.0

AION 4.0

AION 4.0: Other features

Maximum level cap is being increased to 65. There are also new areas for players to explore. These are divided into North, South and underground regions. These areas have six new instances for the high-level heroes.

AION 4.0 is also going to please the fans of the PvP as it adds new fortresses and base combat. Other minor features of the update are new emotes, a selection of new hairstyles and a revamped interface. We will be taking a closer look at AION 4.0 in the coming weeks. Until then, enjoy today's first set of new screenshots of AION 4.0

AION 4.0


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