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Allods Online: Game of Gods launching soon

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gPotato released the funny feature trailer yesterday for Allods Online's next update Game of Gods. Today they released all the update information. Game of Gods will launch on February 15th. Continue reading for all the details and the new screenshots.



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Allods Online Game of Gods will launch on February 15th. This brand new update will feature the new player archetype, new PvP battlegrounds and a challenging new raid which will introduce the mounted combat in Allods Online for the first time.

Bard archetype is a support class. It helps its group by performing powerful songs. These songs then improve group stats and provide buffs to stats like health and defense. What's better is that Bards can go for 1vs1 battles. Bard archetype will be available for 4 races and it will create four all new classes. 

the Elf Minstrel, the Orc Balladeer, the Xadaganian Agitator and the Kanian Skald

PvP battlegrounds is a new PvP mode which will feature 12v12 PvP combat. It is for some reason limited to 20/day. The new PvP battlegrounds gates will be open to those who are level 23+.

There is also a new raid are for high level characters. Dead City. There are 13 new end-game bosses in this new raid area and players will find a new level of challenge in there.

Click on the image below to read all the information on Allods Online official website ->

You may watch the hilarious Feature Trailer here->

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